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Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI

We specialize in Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Visualization, and Machine Learning. We have successfully delivered multiple types of BI projects for different industries such as: Accounting, Human Resources, Real Estate, Logistics, Insurance, Manufacturing, etc. 

The data engineering process has been using different types of technologies which is relevant to customers’ data context and preferences. Our team provide data lake and data warehouse solutions.  Our methodology requires a survey on customer’s existing data sources, their expected outcomes, and target users.

Our Data Scientists work with customers’ historical data to provide different insights with appropriate machine learning models and algorithms. The outcomes is then integrated to their existing application platform and presented in visualized reports.

Data Engineering

Companies have enough capable BI resources but their challenges are to reconcile the data from different sources such as: CRM, ERP, HRM, MES, etc. into a consistent, well-structured data model. We provide the Data Warehouse solution to solve this challenges, empower customers to leverage their existing staffs with rich domain knowledge to implement their own visualization reports, analytics on top of this platform.


Visualization Reports


Power BI


Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Where is the hot spot? What causing low sales? Does this machine need maintenance?  Trying to build a machine learning model for prediction?

Let our Data Scientists help you answer the data-question.

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Data Analytics Portfolio

Web, Power BI, D3.js, Data Extraction ETL, Python


Web, Power BI, D3.js, Data Extraction ETL, Python


Web, Power BI, D3.js, Data Extraction ETL, Python


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